Scandalosa Safar (FR), LeCloarec MoBlack Records

SAFAR is back with a provocative new single; bringing in wood instrumentalist LeClaroac to ignite a fiery sonic phenomenon. The duo’s “Scandalosa” is a harmonic intercourse between elements – an exhibition of air kindling fire and the propulsive impulse of terrene groove. Breathed to feel by LeClaroac’s eloquent fluting, “Scandalosa” draws on SAFAR’s deep Afro House roots, broad cultural influences and dancefloor acumen to sustain an unrelenting momentum and infectious rhythmic persuasion. Chiming organic symphonies with subtle electronic innuendos and near east mystique, the fruit of SAFAR and LeClaroac’s sublime chemistry yield an intoxicating summer anthem and a perennial vibe.

Press by Marie J Floro. Artwork by Rachael D’Alessandro. Mastering by Pobla. Executive Producer MoBlack. Distributed by Muting The Noise.