Gioia Joey Cox Shamkara Records

Shamkara Records presents ‘GIOIA’, the new single of JOEY COX from Ibiza.
Pure Deep House sounds for your senses!

Joey Cox is an important disc jockey specialized in mixing electronic music from the House, Organic House, Deep House, Latin House, Afro House and Techno genres. Born in Seville in 1981, since the mid-90s he would start as a sound technician at a radio station in his hometown where he also combined his talent as a DJ with that of a musical editor. Shortly after, he would present his first electronic music program under the name ‘Beat Electronic’, in which all the imported music of the time could be heard.
The summer of 1994 marks a pillar in his artistic evolution, getting his first contract as a DJ. Thus, he would alternate the stage of the Club with the recording studio and his mixes began to sound progressively.
During these years he moved to Estepona (Costa del Sol), where he has been a resident DJ, also performing at the clubbers and Beach Club in the city of Marbella. Between 2019 and 2020 he will host ‘Beats’ on THE ONE MARBELLA-IBIZA radio station as well as ‘Deep Club’ for IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO.
Currently Joey Cox musically illustrates the latest trends in electronic music from the Balearic Islands and shows his work from the record label ‘SHAMKARA RECORDS’.
Recorded in Ibiza in June 2022 ‘Chase the sunset’ is a compilation with his best mixes, in April 2023 his long-awaited song ‘Gioia’ will be released and in June 2023 ‘Chase the sunset Vol. 2’ .
Joey Cox resides in Ibiza and works on new songs.

Shamkara Team