Godzilla Therian Shifter Ghara Records

Swiss techno producer Therian Shifter is back with a new EP titled “Godzilla” on Ghara Records, following the recent release of his EP “Galileo” on the same label. The title track of “Godzilla” is a hauntingly melodic and atmospheric journey that sees Therian Shifter delve into the complex emotional world of the iconic monster, exploring its solitary and destructive existence.
The EP also features remixes from Dutch producer DéRidge and German artist Nik Wel, both of which offer a darker, more powerful take on the original track, reflecting humanity’s own perception of the creature. The EP is rounded off with a special version by DéRidge, adding a third dimension to the release.
Mastering duties were handled by the talented Dave Dubuis of Syntax-One, who created a unique and brilliantly polished sound for Therian Shifter’s original. Meanwhile, Nik Wel and DéRidge managed their own mastering, resulting in an impressively powerful final product.
Therian Shifter is a hardworking and passionate artist at the age of 41, with a deep love for both art and engineering. His productions are true emotional abstractions that are both rare and exhausting to create.

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