Kibe Rancido, AfroTura, Bun Xapa, Idd Aziz MoBlack Records

One of the most illustrious voices in Afro-House brings together an orchestra of gifted producers, rendering a standout collaboration that vibrates the equilibrium of individuality and harmony. Pulsating Idd Aziz’s lyrical balladry at its marrow, “Kibe” gathers Bun Xapa, Rancido and AfroTura to suture an exploration through the mystique of Afro techno and depths of house. An effervescent patchwork of indigenous instruments, airy melodic progressions and sublime synth-driven cadences, “Kibe” oscillates through the emotive swells in Idd Aziz’s poignant rasp. A steady pursuit of deep-rooted rhythms, continuously repleting in redemptive discovery and lingering inward vibrations.

Press by Marie J Floro, Artwork by THISISART. Mastered by Rancido. Executive Producer MoBlack. Distributed by Muting The Noise.