Children of Lir Deciduous Ampersand

Irish duo Deciduous arrive on AMPERS&ND with their highly anticipated ‘Children of Lir’ EP.

‘Ascension’ is a peak time melodic thriller that is driven by a rolling bassline and a hypnotic melody, that is designed to shake the dance floor. The title track ‘Children of Lir’ is one of power and has been created to build tension while inviting the listened to get lost within the tracks unique landscape. Finally the EP is topped off by their track ‘Dagda’. A deep, dark and hypnotic journey of which explores the darkest stylings of the duo’s creative mind.

The Children of Lir EP is one that is inspired by their Irish folk tales. The title track is based on the story, that tells of King Lir and his wife Aobh and their four children called Aodh, Fionnghuala, Fiachra and Conn. When Lir’s wife died, his children turned to swans who wandered the emerald isle in search of their mother.

Ascension is a story that tells of King Lir’s children’s journey through the realm of the living to the one of the free souls. When the 4 children passed after their 300 years swans, they ascended and along the way were met with challenges to prove their worthiness.

Dagda was the king and high priest of the golden-haired, blue-eyed people, the Tuatha de Danaan, who came to Ireland from the North and used heavy spears in battle. Dagda’s Harp is a well known story in Irish legend of the renowned warrior who used his magic harp to seduce his enemies.

Be immersed in the sound of Deciduous.