Expanding Abundance I The Remixes Amount URSL

URSLINT049 | 2023-05-05  

Johannes Albert Remix (6:03)

Sarah Wild & Maltitz Love Piano Remix (5:31)

Gerd Janson, Johannes Albert, Sebo & Kuriose Naturale, and Sarah Wild & Maltitz are the creative minds behind this fantastic 4-track remix EP of Amount’s debut album ‘Expanding Abundance’. Whether it’s Gerd Janson’s subtle vacation remix of ‘Supermelodie’, Sarah Wild and Maltitz’s dancefloor-ready hyped version of ‘Lovestorm’, the reinterpretation of ‘Panik unter Palmen’ (with newly added vocals) by Sebo & Kuriose Naturale, or Johannes Albert transforming the Slow Rave track ‘Faces’ into a Disco banger – this remix EP is bursting with fun, skill, and abundant musical creativity.