Atef / D4MNBBY Amal Nemer Double Records

Amal Nemer’s latest EP features two outstanding tracks: “Atef” and “D4MNBBY”, along with a remix from Double Records label boss, Luyo. Born in Venezuela and now based in Miami, Amal Nemer has created a unique blend of afro house and tech house that truly showcases her musical prowess.

The EP opens with “Atef,” a tribute to Amal’s Arabian heritage. The track features a hypnotic percussion section enriched with darbuka that creates a mesmerizing atmosphere. The sultry vocal chants and groovy bassline add a layer of depth to the track, giving it an irresistible feel. As the track progresses, the incorporation of arabian flutes, oud and strings elevate the track to a whole new ecstatic level. “Atef” is a definite must-listen for all fans of ethnic inspired electronic dance music.

Next up is “D$MNBBY,” a tech house banger that is sure to get the dance floor moving. The track features a thumping bassline, catchy vocal hooks and driving beat that add a sense of urgency to the track. The clever use of breakdowns and build-ups creates a tension that is released with each drop, making “D$MNBBY” a perfect addition to any peak-time DJ set.

Closing out the EP is the remix of “Atef” by label boss Luyo. The remix takes the track in a new housey direction, with Luyo going to the essence of the elements and adding a deeper groove enriched by arpeggiators and and heavier bassline. The atmospheric synths and ethereal vocals add a sense of mystery to the track, creating a dreamy soundscape that is perfect for Tulum style sets.

Overall, Amal Nemer’s EP is an excellent showcase of her talents as a producer. The EP seamlessly blends together elements of arabian music elements, contemporary afro house and tech house, creating a unique sound that is both groovy and energetic. With “Atef,” “D4MNBBY,” and Luyo’s remix, this EP is a must-have for any DJ looking to add some fresh tracks to their collection.

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