Moment To Shine Stanny Abram Marba Records

Fresh release from Stanny Abram on Marba Records , Moment To Shine.

Stanny Abram has truly outdone himself with his track ‘Moment to Shine.’ From the funky vocals to the pumping groove and deep bassline, this song has it all. The driving stabs add an extra layer of excitement and keep the energy of the track high throughout.

One thing that really stands out about ‘Moment to Shine’ is the way that Stanny Abram is able to craft a song that is both danceable and soulful. The funky vocals and tight instrumentation give the track a groove that is impossible to resist, while the emotive lyrics and delivery add depth and meaning to the song.

Artwork by: marbrt

Marba Records tracks are played and supported by: Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Stefano Noferini, Paco Osuna, Franky Rizardo, Waff, Jamie Jones ..