Mercury In Retrograde Lubelski, Life on Planets Classic Music Company

West Coast house innovator Lubelski collaborates with Crew Love’s Life on Planets for a genre-hopping house release ‘Mercury In Retrograde’. Lubelski’s talent for creating eclectic, memorable beats has landed the self-proclaimed ‘sound nerd’ radio support from BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howard, and KCRW and DASH radio in the US. Also broadening their musical horizons at every turn, the mysterious Baltimore-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Life on Planets brings together disparate elements of jazz, groove and funk to form compositions that put the music first always. Together, the pair have created an innovative retro-sounding track that breaks free from genre conventions, as Life on Planet’s buttery, soulful vocals synergise over Lubelski’s playful synth groove.

Lubelski & Life on Planets ‘Mercury In Retrograde’ (Extended Mix)
Written by Jake Tyler Lubell & Phillip Anthony Jenkins Jr
Produced by Lubelski & Life on Planets
Published by Defected Music
P&C 2022 Classic Music Company