Set You Free Sandy Rivera, Jame Starck, Alexis Victoria, Zetaphunk, Yvvan Back deepvisionz

The multi-faceted and esteemed house producer Sandy Rivera collaborates with Jame Starck on ‘Set You Free’ for his deepvisionz label, also featuring vocals from Alexis Victoria and production from Italy’s Zetaphunk and Yvvan Back. The five artists have come together to create a glossy, disco-inspired track with funk and soul influences, and the fruits of Rivera’s recent experimentation with looped samples can be heard throughout this dancefloor-ready cut.

Sandy Rivera & Jame Starck featuring Alexis Victoria, Zetaphunk & Yvvan Back ‘Set You Free’

1. Set You Free
2. Set You Free (Instrumental)

Written by Jame Starck, Alexis Victoria, Zetaphunk, Yvvan Back & Sandy Rivera
Produced by Jame Starck
Additional Production & Vocal Arrangements by Sandy Rivera for Kings Of Tomorrow Productions
Vocals Performed by Alexis Hall Victoria
Horns by Vitale, De Rosa & Filosi
Guitar by Max Rosati
Drums by Yvvan Back & Zetaphunk
Mastered by Zoran Jursic at MKF Mastering
Published by Defected Music & Copyright Control
P&C 2023 deepvisionz Recordings Inc