Counter Balance EP Acid Jerks Nu Groove Records

Following their standout debut on Nu Groove ‘Remote Area’ enigmatic Berlin duo Acid Jerks return with another solid EP on the essential label. Continuing to demonstrate the two selectors’ breadth of influences and musical knowledge, the ‘Counter Balance EP’ showcases Acid Jerks ability to genre-bend. The A-Side traverses from the classic, piano house of the title track, to the tougher, industrial sounds of ‘Distant Power Plant’. On the flip the chugging, rolling sounds of ‘A Thousand Kisses’ opens, before the organ stabs and buttery synths of ‘Organ Grinder’ close out the EP, making for another unmissable release on a label deserving of its cult status.

Acid Jerks ‘Counter Balance EP’

1. Counter Balance
2. A Thousand Kisses
3. Organ Grinder
4. Distant Power Plant

Written & Produced by Acid Jerks
Published by Blackrock Publishing & Copyright Control
P&C 2022 Nu Groove Records