Wangila Studio Bros, Bun Xapa Seres Producoes

Two different worlds collide to make a magnificent combo of a project, the well renowned Producer/DJ duo based in Portugal, Studio Bros collaborate with the talented Afro House hitter Bun Xapa from South Africa to make a spectacular track titled Wangila, directly translates to ‘Great Quantity’, this song is a journey that takes you into two different worlds of Afro House becoming one hybrid of a mix in the genre.
This project will be a memorable collaboration that will turn up the dance floors of every event venue and will be on most electronic dance music loversplaylists.

Studio Bros & Bun Xapa ‘Wangila’
Written by Fabio Pinto, Miguel Batista & Andile Kato
Produced & Performed by Studios Bros & Bun Xapa
Published by Seres Producoes
P&C 2023 Seres Producoes