This Is Not A Game Perempay, Davinche, Perempay & DaVinChe, Mr. V Sondela Recordings

Formerly ‘Dee’ from Perempay N’ Dee, DaVinChe is one of South London’s top beatmakers and one of the early pioneers of UK grime, frequently collaborating with grime producer turned house expert Perempay. After two decades in the business, the pair have refined their afro house sound and carved out their own distinct lane, leading to their Sondela debut ‘This Is Not A Game’. Featuring one of Defected’s illustrious House Masters, Mr. V, the NYC house legend’s signature spoken word passages about ‘the drums of the Motherland’ stand front and centre over a deep house pulse; ‘This Is Not A Game’ is truly a sum of its parts, with each artist bringing their best to the electrifying collaboration.

Perempay & DaVinChe featuring Mr. V ‘This Is Not A Game’
Written by Emon Francis, Chadley Chichester & Victor Font
Produced & Performed by Perempay & DaVinChe
Vocals by Mr. V
Published by Fontastic Sounds (ASCAP) & Copyright Control
P&C 2022 Defected Records Limited dba Sondela Recordings