Mandala Stylo, Vooz Brothers, Natalie Wamba Berry MoBlack Records

Stylo joins fellow Tel Aviv residents, Vooz Brothers on their return to MoBlack Records with a ruminant passage through the sacred byways of ‘Mandala.’ The two-track EP unfolds with the ‘Original’ mix – a rich tapestry of organic instrumentals, ambrosial percussion and euphoric electronic innuendos. Propelled by the verve of Natalie Wamba Berry’s dynamic croon, ‘Mandala’ is a tessellation of rhythmic patterns and prismatic soundscapes. Completing the package is a buoyant remix from ‘The Angels.’ An intuitive reinterpretation from the artist duo, this stunning rendition brings ‘Mandala’ so attune to the touch – a harmonic concurrence of visceral sound patterns, deep house nuances and poignant melodic crescendos.

Press by Marie J Floro. Cover by Mastering by Daniele Mattiuzzi (Wave Life). Executive producer MoBlack. Distributed by Muting The Noise.