Kikimoro dOP DOP Only

The 14th release on dOP Only is the introduction to the modern tale created by dOP & Alexis Olin.

Nephel’s dream is an adventure throughout sound and image, in a singular NFT collection & exhibitions.

The electronic live act dOP and the multidisciplinary artist Alexis Olin join their force in a thrilling and disruptive artistic project mixing music and visual art, in collaboration with the creative studio and gallery Lezar. In 25 songs and illustrations, Nephel’s Dreams explores a vision of a world in harmony and peace through the hero’s eyes: a compelling, oneiric tale narrated by the joint work of an iconic French band, a great Ukrainian artist, and a tech-art incubator.

At the limit between reality and the supernatural, art lovers and collectors will be invited to discover this unprecedented artwork through NFTs, where digital art is bridged with physical & live experiences.

To introduce the tale we chose to reveal the song Kikimoro, an original electronic lullaby that reveals an essential character of our story. Kikimoro is a speaking black cat that guides our hero Nephel into the world of magic. This character is inspired by a legendary creature of Slavic mythology, a noisy spirit living behind the stove. The dOP kids are joining the chorus, Nephel’s Dreams is a project made in close collaboration with children all along the 25 pieces.

To complete the release, Tripmastaz who mixed and mastered the project delivers one more time a great interpretation of the original song. Using the main elements to create a free mind house version that extends the lullaby to the dance floor. The melody transforms into a lush pad that brings back all the dancers to their childhood.

The full tale will be released in February, stay connected!

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