Thula EP Blanka Mazimela MoBlack Records

South African artist Blanka Mazimela joins MoBlack Records with “Thula,” a three-track EP that embodies his keenness in harmonizing organic instrumentation with meaningful vocals and crisp electronic techniques. Starting “Thula” off radiantly, the title track illuminates Khonaye’s evocative poetry with effervescent rhythms, tender melodies and airy undulations, combering through a mesmerizing house groove to finish. Next, the DJ/producer brings in Sobantwana to render poignant balladry at the crux of ‘Mamtolo.’ Driven by the verve of her croon, the track saunters deep into a kaleidoscope of penetrating cadences, quixotic riffs and cosmic reverie. Circling back home, ‘Thula’ ends with a riveting revelation. Mingling vulnerability with permeating sound patterns, visceral percussion and pulsating progressions, ‘Pray for Me,’ is both a juncture for connection and a redemptive procession through dance.

Press by Marie J Floro. Artwork by Mastering by Daniele Mattiuzzi (Wave Life) Turin. Executive Producer MoBlack. Distributed by Muting The Noise.