Voodoo People Safar (FR) MoBlack Records

France-based artist, Safar joins MoBlack Records, yielding a vigorous two tracker into the label’s repertoire. Up first, a fiery dancefloor catalyst ignites the ‘Voodoo People’ EP. Inspired by Safar’s African roots and his versatility in the craft of  House, ‘Daje’ coasts through swells of buoyant percussion, blithe electronic nuances, and avid tribal groove. MBR510 wraps up with the title track, sojourning deeper within a labyrinth of permeating electronic cadences and ethnic alchemy. Propelled by cosmic resonance and intuitive Afro rhythms, ‘Voodoo People’ is a kaleidoscopic journey through harmonic progressions, trailing motion and illusion in infinite synchronicity.

Press by Marie J Floro. Artwork by Rachael D’Alessandro. Mastering by Pobla Studio. Executive Producer MoBlack. Distributed by Muting The Noise.