Izinto Blindsmyth, Toshi Paradise Sound System

Extended Version (8:04)

At FLAME STUDIOS in Johannesburg, South Africa, Paradise Sound System collaborates with the Africa Rising music conference on a new composition in an effort to foster cross-cultural understanding. In the middle of the Johannesburg Central Business District on May 23, 2022, Hallmark House played host to the Africa Rising Music Conference, which was attended by over forty International delegates and artists. Paradise Sound System at the time invited local South African artists Toshi Vocalist to join studio stations with german based artists Blindsmyth in Flames Studios, where the Flame of Democracy Burns has been rebuilt to accommodate collaborative ventures of this kind. We’re excited to share the upcoming Paradise Sound System release of the Flame Studios, Pt. 1 collaborative tune “Izinto” ex posited by Toshi & Blindsmyth.