Warrior TIMANTI, Nomvula SA Sondela Recordings

With origins linking back to Italian shores, nomadic artist TIMANTI has spent much of the last decade refining their own style into one that defies easy classification, weaving a tapestry of organic and electronic sounds with a diverse range of influences. Debuting on Sondela with ‘Warrior’ featuring South African vocalist Nomvula SA, this ethereal release conveys a story of igniting the warrior spirit within each of us and standing up for what is right and each other. TIMANTI’s sound is illustrated at its very best, as modern Afro house sounds are merged with traditional percussive soundscapes for an otherworldly dancefloor cut.

TIMANTI featuring Nomvula SA ‘Warrior’
Written by Stef Timanti & Esther Nomvula Tshabalala
Produced by TIMANTI
Vocals by Nomvula SA
Published by Defected Music
P&C 2022 Defected Records Limited dba Sondela Recordings