Apollo Dino & Terry D&T Music


Toronto-based veteran DJ and producers Dino and Terry proudly present their first full album release with Apollo, a journey into the afro-tech and afro-deep sounds that they have long championed.

As original pioneering deep house DJs and producers playing house music since it’s genesis in the 80s, Dino and Terry bring their early house music sensibilities to the genre that they believe represents the very best of contemporary deep house, the broadly labelled “Afro House”, which is music coming from and influenced by South African afro-tech and afro-deep sounds.

Apollo is Dino and Terry’s creative fusion of soulful, tech and deep sounds, a labour of love and passion as the twins have produced a collection of original work featuring a dream lineup of their favourite artists that deliver one of the year’s finest albums in the genre.

The album kicks off with the deep and emotionally-tinged “Mwana Wakwa” featuring the one and only Tina Ardor. The opening bars of the sweet composition set the stage for the entire album, promising a warm vibe that captivates on first listen. “We have worked with Tina Ardor in the past, and we absolutely love everything she does. Tina brings so much deep emotion to our music. We couldn’t be happier with the performance she delivered on ‘Mwana Wakwa’ say Dino and Terry.
The song is followed by two songs featuring the immensely talented Kali Mija, whose recent releases have lit up afro-deep dance floors around the world. “Daffodil” is as deep as they come. A brooding and reflective song, “Daffodil” is an afro-tech bubbler that Kali elevates to goosebump-inducing musical bliss with her ethereal voice. “Funny” continues the theme with a swinging deep vocal number dripping with soul. Once again Kali mesmerizes with her distinct vocal stylings. “Funny is a masterclass vocal performance. The song is very special to us, and we can’t wait for this to hit dancefloors” say the twins.
The tempo picks up with a new remix of the amazing “Wunder Y”, originally produced by fellow Toronto-legend Ron Allen featuring the powerful vocals of Chach. Dino and Terry had remixed “Wunder Y” way back in 2014, and while working on Apollo chose to revisit the song with a fresh remix. The result is an anthemic banger, updating the brilliant song with an arresting production that never lets up.
“Resilience” sees Dino and Terry dive into the instrumental afro-tech sounds that have become a signature of their DJ sets. The track is melancholic, deep and moving, awash with gorgeous chords and strings that transport the listener to a late-night dancefloor. If there’s one track that brings the listener back to the late-night warehouse sunrises that many will know Dino and Terry for from back in the 80s, “Resilience” is it.
Many listeners might have been introduced to Dino and Terry via the hit “Umzuzu” featuring one of the Queens of the genre, Lizwi. For the album, Dino and Terry deliver a brand new remix, taking the track in a deeper, smoother direction. “We just couldn’t resist including a version of ‘Umzuzu’ on our album. The song means so much to us, and we’re so proud to include Lizwi as part of this collection”.
Their work with Lizwi isn’t done with “Umzuzu”, however. Lizwi’s epic vocal skills deliver another stopper with the intense “Harmonies”, a peak-time banger that leaves the listener and dance floor wanting more. “Lizwi is in a class all her own, and ‘Harmonies’ is proof of that!”, say Dino and Terry.
“Jana” immediately follows with one of the deeper cuts on the album. Inspired by a regular late-night Friday night DJ stream the twins launched during the pandemic, “Jana” is a dreamy and moving track that begs to be listened to with eyes closed, on a dark dance floor, lost in the music. “Our late-night Friday DJ streams we’re therapeutic during the months of the pandemic, and ‘Jana’ captures the warm vibe we sought to create for our listeners during that time.
South African-based Nomvula brings the fire with “Khululeka”, a beautifully crafted song dripping with soul and emotion. “We had been playing a few of Nomvula’s songs prior to working on the album in our DJ sets, and kept talking about how we needed to work with her. ‘Khululeka’ is exactly the song that we envisioned. Nomvula is a truly gifted artist, and we feel blessed to have worked with her on this”.
Dino and Terry explore another shade of the afro-tech sound with “Ubuhle”, a chugging number featuring the powerful and raw vocals of Sazi Cele. “We love Sazi’s voice, there’s so much soulful energy there that complements the kinds of raw instrumental sounds that we love so much. No one can do it like Sazi can. We love how ‘Ubuhle’ came out”.
“Thick Skin” is an ode to Dino and Terry’s early house music roots. A hypnotic and atmospheric track fronted by a bumping bass-line, “Think Skin” harkens way back to the golden age of deep house in the early 90s with its pure simplicity. “We love the really moody afro-deep tracks coming out today that remind us of early house but with a little twist, and that’s what we tried to hit on with ‘Thick Skin’, say the twins.
The deeper vocal end of afro-inspired sounds are found on “Every Time”, a collaboration with New York-based vocalist Denitia. The vibes are strong with this one, a testament to the heart and passion Denitia delivers on this ode to true love. “From the moment we heard Denitia’s voice, we were hooked”, say Dino and Terry. Piano, arpeggiating synths and soaring strings make this song an instant ear-worm.
Dino and Terry’s house music career started in 1987, at the legendary after hours party “KOLA”, the first of its kind in the city of Toronto. Since then, their heart has always belonged to the after hours. “After Hours” is an instrumental love song to the spirit of late night deep house music, featuring percussion patterns, rhythmic synths and warm strings.
The SA Deep Party, started in partnership with Yogi and Mark in Toronto in 2014 is Canada’s longest running night dedicated to afro-deep sounds, and “Deep Omni” is the albums dedication to that night. This is one for the dancers, with its relentless synth stabs and percolating drum pattern. “This just moves the late-night dance floor every time we play it. It’s kind of hypnotic and bridges the deep and techy sounds so well”.
“Apollo” closes with “Wildflower”, a piano-led fusion of many SA-inspired house flavours. “Wildflower” takes the listener on a journey with an escalating vibe, reaching a crescendo with a mighty chord progression that can command any dance floor. “Wildflower is just a simple DJ-favourite that hits just right, bringing in some of our favourite influences in a powerful package, and a fitting way to send off the album”, say Dino and Terry.

Produced, mixed and arranged by Dino and Terry Demopoulos