Labyrinth Mix & Fairbanks House of Disco Records

Irish duo Mix & Fairbanks are back on House of Disco and this time it’s for their first solo EP. The pair have set their sights firmly on the floor with both originals. Firstly there’s the dreamy pumper and title track ‘Labyrinth’ with searing synths to cut right through the smoke and lead the way to the big reveal at the centre of the maze.

Who better to navigate their way around a remix than label regular and just generally fabulous producer Ron Basejam. His remix is a dim the lights and puts the head down affair, what a groove to get lost in. That’s the last of the maze analogies, I promise.

Finally the duo’s second original ‘Toecutter’ finishes off the EP with a breezy slice of euphoria ready for starry eyed adventures.