I’m The Joker Darius Syrossian, Dj Supreme DFTD

I’m The Joker

Darius Syrossian, Dj Supreme


DFTDS164D3 | 2022-08-19  

With a catalogue of club heat already bursting at its seams, Darius Syrossian returns to DFTD for his latest delivery of dancefloor-ready house, following his sought-after collab with George Smeddles on the label ‘Back In The Dance’. Sampling DJ Supreme’s unmistakable ‘The Badman Is Robbin’ which lends a hefty dose of 90s swagger to the release, a thick descending bassline, ferocious synth chords and hypnotic loops make a suitably headsy backdrop for selectors after a peaktime, bass heavy cut with a garage tip. Already teased out at his gigs across the globe and with Skream and Seb Zito early champions of the record, the club capabilities of ‘I’m The Joker’ have been tried-and-tested with optimum results.

Darius Syrossian featuring DJ Supreme ‘I’m The Joker’ (Extended Mix)
Written by Darius Syrossian, Vincent McLean & Ronnie Nwohia
Produced by Darius Syrossian
Vocals by DJ Supreme
Published by Cloud 9 Publishing & Copyright Control
‘I’m The Joker’ contains a sample of ‘The Badman Is Robbin’ by DJ Supreme, licensed courtesy of Hijack Records
P&C 2022 Defected Records Limited dba DFTD

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