Lungehlule Santiago Garcia, MoBlack, Nomvula SA MoBlack Records

Three dynamic forces conspire to yield yet another gem into the MoBlack Records repertoire. Crooned to life by South African songstress Nomvula on vocals, Santiago Garcia and MoBlack’s upcoming collaboration is a manifestation of impeccable synergy and sonic alchemy. Wafted by deep, riveting rhythms and immersive instrumentals, ‘Lungehlule’ features poignant lyrics, mesmerizing riffs and exquisite electronic impulses. A breathtaking dancefloor ballad that wavers gracefully between tenderness and resilience, towards the bracing resonance of redemption.

Press by Marie J Floro
Artwork and animation by Guillermo Cosio @alquitran7mg
Mastering by Daniele Mattiuzzi at Wave Life
Distributed by Muting The Noise
Executive Producer MoBlack