Far Flung Pete Herbert Music For Swimming Pools

Music For Swimming Pools returns with the Far Flung EP, 4 fresh originals from founder/producer Pete Herbert. Inspired, created and tweaked whilst on the road or while living in the tropics for a few years, this EP demonstrates Pete’s diverse and eclectic taste as well as his skills as a music producer.

The title track Far Flung heads straight for late night pool party vibes with chunky bass, solid drums and old school piano riff action. Remix duties are performed by fellow island dweller Gold Suite who delivers a stunning sunset serenade, whilst Euro traveller In Flagranti gets seriously deep and uptempo.

Other sonic treats on the EP include Early One Evening with its jazzy, funky fusion feels, Dear Hector a delicious Balearic House dub and the highly tropical sounds of South Seas with its more laid back island rhythms.

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