Save The Planet Luca LeBleu, MC G.L.O.B.E. Jack Said What

Born in South Africa, raised between Johannesburg and London in musical households, Luca started DJing and producing at the tender age of 11. In parallel with attending music courses, he started making grime tracks and appearing on pirate radio before moving to South Africa for a couple of years and kick-starting a DJ career, playing with a Jo’burg tech-house trio.

Back in the UK, he’s been DJing everywhere from fashion shows to underground dance parties and beyond, and readying his first few tracks for release. His debut single, ‘Save The Planet’ on Jack Said What, features electro legend MC G.L.O.B.E. from ‘80s hip-hop pioneers the Soulsonic Force, and comes with a remix by production maestro Steve Mac. Look out also for Luca’s collaboration with other musical legends in the coming months.