Love Letters to House Dancing Roberto Rodriguez Poetry in Motion

Happiness and positivity. In difficult times like the ones we are experiencing in the last couple of years, these important words are key for the concept of Roberto Rodriguez new album “Love Letters To House Dancing”. Like the title suggests, this work it’s Roberto’s love letter to house dancing, house dancers and the whole culture surrounding it. Nine memorable tracks to celebrate dancing and house music but also life and summer, bearing in mind that simple pleasures really makes the difference and music, if it comes from the heart, is one of these. At PiM we want to thank Roberto for the trust he put in us with the release of the album, his wife Sini for the beautiful artworks and the Finnish singer Malla for her work and voice on the singles ‘Your Happiness’ and ‘Spread My Wings’. And ultimately, to you, our listeners, that believe in our mission since the beginning of this journey. Thank you! We hope you will enjoy this special album.