Your Body Doesn’t Lie Tortured Soul TSTC Music

The theme behind Tortured Soul’s latest single, “Your Body Doesn’t Lie” is about searching out happiness and how sometimes the journey to find it can be messy.

The release features mixes from South African DJ, Fka Mash, and British producer/DJ, Atwell. Tortured Soul’s lead man, John Christian Urich, discovered Fka Mash’s work while reviewing potential South African producers to collab with. He was struck by the artist’s sound and reached out in hopes of working together. “Lucky for me, he was down and created a really gripping remix”, says John Christian. Also having been a fan of Atjazz’s productions and having a chance to meet the producer at a festival in South Africa, John Christian contacted him to work on the track. “I was certain he would come up with something great–which he sure enough did”, the artist comments. “I was also pleased to discover we share a pretty strong affinity; we each have a slightly dark and over the top sense of humour, complete with a healthy dose of self-deprecation which I think tends to be a prerequisite for any good musician. It’s good to be able to crack some jokes when working together to keep the ball rolling.”