Scilla & Cariddi Klement Bonelli, Idd Aziz MoBlack Records

A timeless classic makes its way into the future, ever vital and ever relevant. French DJ/Producer Klement Bonelli delivers a reincarnation of British rock group Police’s 1983 hit, ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger.’ Breathed to life by Nairobi-based singer/songwriter Idd Aziz’s vocal powerhouse at the marrow, ‘Scilla e Carridi’ is an eloquent homage that keeps the original’s essence intact but flourishes on its own. Wavering the mesmeric grittiness of Idd Aziz’ vibrato through climactic cadences, Klement Bonelli sutures a harmonic tapestry of Afro-inspired rhythms, verdant percussion and driving electronic progressions. ‘Scilla e Carridi’ sutures fragments of nostalgia into the ubiquity of the here and now, unraveling the universality of subjection and seduction through the language of House. Cut right through the apogee with the commanding Original mix. Witness ‘Scilla e Carridi’ unfold gracefully and culminate gratifyingly through the Extended mix – a stunning patchwork of iridescent sound patterns, vivid modulations and affective rhythmic poetry.

Executive producer: Ilario Drago