The Elephant March Neil Pierce unquantize

The Elephant March

Neil Pierce


UNQTZ290 | 2022-06-10  

Neil Pierce “The Elephant March”

Produced & Written by Neil Pierce
Copyright Control
Keyboards and Mixdown by Ziggie Funk
Horns Sections by Scott Baylis and Max Grunhard
Arrangements by Neil Pierce and DJ Spen
Mastered by DJ Spen
Executive Producers Sean Spencer, Kelly Spencer, and Thommy Davis

Unquantize is pleased presents one of our favorite recordings by one of our favorite producers! “The Elephant March” by Neil Pierce is a serious house banger that will tantalize your eardrums and make you move! It is a festive, drum driven track with a spectacular horn section that will make you feel like you’re in New Orleans at Mardi Gras! It is rhythmically and musically exciting, yet straightforward in simplicity.
This package contains Neil’s Original mix that is already ripping dance floors apart worldwide! Enough said!

Unquantize Your Mind and Get Ta’ Steppin’!!!

1. “The Elephant March”
(Original Mix)