Reunite Under Starlight Saucy Lady Big Love

Boston-based vocalist and songwriter Saucy Lady, also known as Beantown Disco Queen, debuts on Big Love with a brand-new release ‘Reunite Under Starlight’. Under an alter-ego that exudes confidence and modern sensuality, Saucy Lady effortlessly transports you to the disco diva epicentre as she reignites the eclectic fashion and cultural diversity that composed the ’70s and ’80s club scene. As head of Razor-N-Tape and Escort member JKriv rolls up to provide additional production input, he continues a string of successes following release ‘Not So Serious’ by joining forces with Saucy Lady, resulting in a truly groove worthy record. You can’t expect any less from a roster of such multi-talented artists.

Saucy Lady ‘Reunite Under Starlight’ (Extended Mix)
Written by Noe Carmichael & Yukihiro Carmichael
Produced by Yuki ‘U-KEY’ Kanesaka
Additional Production & Mix by JKriv
Vocals by Saucy Lady
Mixed & Mastered by Saison at Earthworks Studios, London
Published by Defected Music
P&C 2022 Big Love Music