Let Me Show You Love (Hatiras Remix) Romanthony Glasgow Underground

Our latest release brings together two dance music legends. The first, Romanthony, is someone every dance music fan knows. As the voice of Daft Punk’s “One More Time”, he has soundtracked a generation. But, of course, he was much more than that, as fans of his Blackmale label and early GU releases will attest. For us, it’s still gutting that he is no longer with us. Reworking his iconic “Let Me Show You Love” is another house heavyweight. Since 2000 and his bona fide anthem “Spaced Invader” (w/ Slarta John), Hatiras has entertained the world with his own turbocharged version of dance music. On this remix, he brings that looping energy to Romanthony’s New Jersey anthem – it’s a DJs dream.