Send Return Remixes Pt. 1 Keinemusik (&ME, Rampa, Adam Port) Keinemusik

Chloé Caillet Remix (7:23)

If there’s an album, there shall be remixes. Law of nature. Following the heels of Send Return’s original material, here is the first batch of re-interpretations. Find Palms Trax putting his touch on Saving My Love feat. Little Dragon, i.e. teasing out some more floor-heating potential, adding an arpeggio bass and quite simply, just letting things groove. A whole lot of groove as well on Laolu’s take on Confusion feat. Ali Love. – a preservation of the tune’s emotional depth, but a savvy play with its instrumental dynamics. And Chloé Caillet eventually is speeding things up a notch on Paris feat. Starving Yet Full, injecting an extra potion of excitement and prepping it for club-nights abundantly spent (not just in Paris).