The Empress Deenara MoBlack Records

Deenara has been casting imaginative sets in Europe and beyond, including a residency at Kyiv’s CHI.  Eager to translate her connection with the dancefloor and affinity for electronic sounds into her own productions, the gifted artist joins MoBlack Records. “The Empress” starts off with vigorous beats and mystical resonance, undulating on a lush groove. Ushering in transcendent instrumentals, perceptive electronic cadences and permeating harmonies, the original commands with depthness, rapture and persuasion through finish.  Complementing Deenara’s craft with a decorous touch, MoBlack lets gravity run its course in his own reinterpretation. Pulling “The Empress” earthbound with provocative house rhythms, this remix sustains the original’s melodies and lets them wander, satiating the space between sensation and imagination with sound and belonging. MoBlack rounds out the trio with a Melodic rendition. Fueled by stimulating synth-laced rhythms and cumbersome beats, this finale unfolds into a cinematic melodic orchestration that lets the versatile sorceress, “The Empress” shine infinitely in her majestic glory.

Press by Marie J Floro
Mastering by Giulio Abbattista (Pitagora Studio)