Beatport Music [13-Jan-2022]


01CybordelicsAdventures of Dama (Cie Remix) [Harthouse]02CybordelicsAdventures of Dama (Gorge Rework) [Harthouse]03CybordelicsAdventures of Dama (Mar io Remix) [Harthouse]04CybordelicsAdventures of Dama (Philipp Giebel Remix) [Harthouse]05Dan GuerinFlaDL [smashead.]06Dan GuerinRambles of Time [smashead.]07DrtinieblasFunk [Conceptual Deep]08DrtinieblasNegro [Conceptual Deep]09FiddlerWhispering From the Background (FJL Remix) [3rd Avenue]10FiddlerWhispering From the Background (Kaito Aman Remix) [3rd Avenue]11FiddlerWhispering From the Background (Yuriy From Russia Remix) [3rd Avenue]12FiddlerWhispering From the Background [3rd Avenue]13GLFCall From the West (After Sunrise Remix) [Mystic Carousel Records]14GLFCall From the West (Scorch FRA Remix) [Mystic Carousel Records]15GLFCall From the West [Mystic Carousel Records]16Hans MorlierDer Trick [Smart Phenomena Records]17Hans MorlierThe Magic [Smart Phenomena Records]18ID7 (UA)Inner Desire [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]19ID7 (UA)Let Me Go [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]20Joseph GaexAfricanist [Wanna Dance Music]21Joseph GaexCarnival [Wanna Dance Music]22Joseph GaexLa Flauta [Wanna Dance Music]23Joseph GaexLa Tribu [Wanna Dance Music]24Joseph GaexSoul Mokassa (WDM Mix) [Wanna Dance Music]25Joseph GaexTechnoAfro [Wanna Dance Music]26Jul’sCrafted [Stereofly Records]27Jul’sIso [Stereofly Records]28Jul’sNight [Stereofly Records]29Leonid Borovyj, Vadim BogacSymbiosis (Nerutto Remix) [Inception]30Leonid Borovyj, Vadim BogacSymbiosis (Skyhunter Remix) [Inception]31Leonid Borovyj, Vadim BogacSymbiosis [Inception]32Masayno, CovayelleBai (Extended Mix) [Sommersville Records]33Masayno, CovayelleBai [Sommersville Records]34Mau BacarrezaNo Time to Sleep (A1bert Remix) [Estribo Records]35Mau BacarrezaNo Time to Sleep (Danushka Remix) [Estribo Records]36Mau BacarrezaNo Time to Sleep (Martin Urdinez Remix) [Estribo Records]37Mau BacarrezaNo Time to Sleep [Estribo Records]38MeMachineNoir [TheWav Records]39MeMachineTogether [TheWav Records]40NeoTrafficGalaxies [Zephyr Music]41NeoTrafficSleepless Nights [Zephyr Music]42Nicolas BenedettiComplex (Leandro Murua Remix) [Future Avenue]43Nicolas BenedettiComplex (Martin Ojeda Remix) [Future Avenue]44Nicolas BenedettiRed Droplets (Kazko Remix) [Future Avenue]45Nicolas BenedettiRed Droplets (Tinga Remix) [Future Avenue]46PROGRUSSMental Block [Black Delta Records]47PROGRUSSSank To The Bottom [Black Delta Records]48QuelalBrrrru [MD-Studio]49QuelalHook [MD-Studio]