Beatport Music [11-Jan-2022]


017even IconBlazing [7C Recordings]02AeraDanza Invisible (Hylia Remix) [Applied Magic]03AeraDanza Invisible (Larmour x Moritz Remix) [Applied Magic]04AeraDanza Invisible (Philip Auster Remix) [Applied Magic]05Alessa KhinWicca (Radio Edit) [Exx Underground]06Alessa KhinWicca [Exx Underground]07Alex VanniRun-Up (Extended Mix) [Enormous Vision]08Antimatter ParticleFloating [Infinite Depth]09Antimatter ParticleGloomy Winter [Infinite Depth]10Antimatter ParticleTar (Heîk Remix) [Infinite Depth]11Antimatter ParticleTar [Infinite Depth]12ArshiyaZi, AdoxaEcorche (My Flower Remix) [Astral Records]13ArshiyaZi, AdoxaEcorche [Astral Records]14ArshiyaZi, AdoxaYour World (Paul Anthonee Remix) [Astral Records]15ArshiyaZi, AdoxaYour World [Astral Records]16Carlos FranciscoYour Call [Xamaky Records]17Danny TrakmaComeback (Original Mix) [Dacusan]18Danny TrakmaGlow Up EP (Original Mix) [Dacusan]19Domi Depulse, Kole AudroMadeva [TRIP and emotions]20Domi Depulse, Kole AudroU and I [TRIP and emotions]21DulcetFragments (Coredata Remix) [Research & Development]22DulcetFragments [Research & Development]23Emrah BalkanHappiness in Dance (Original Mix) [Underground Roof Records]24Emrah BalkanRising Rhythm (Original Mix) [Underground Roof Records]25Enzo Tucci, Robot SkyAlfa Centauri (Original Mix) [The Dribble]26Enzo Tucci, Robot SkyAntipop (Original Mix) [The Dribble]27Enzo Tucci, Robot SkyIride (Original Mix) [The Dribble]28Enzo Tucci, Robot SkyOut Love (Original Mix) [The Dribble]29Florida ForgottenNobody (Dub Mix) [Intricate Records]30Florida ForgottenNobody [Intricate Records]31FrannzDancing in the Morning [Metro Dance Records]32FrannzThe Distance (Who Else Remix) [Metro Dance Records]33FrannzThe Distance [Metro Dance Records]34Goom GumJois [Avtook Records]35Klover Haze, Alessandro DiruggieroHustler Hype (Original Mix) [Witty Tunes]36Klover Haze, Alessandro DiruggieroThings You Do (Original Mix) [Witty Tunes]37MalinkaThis Is Not the End (Tommy Vicari Jnr Remix) [Hearth Records]38MalinkaThis Is Not the End [Hearth Records]