Just Another Love Boryn Blur Records

Blur Records returns to present the longtime DJ, producer and vinyl digger – Boryn – and his EP entitled “Just Another Love” featuring remixes by artists Hotmood, DJ Merci and Siggatunez.

Known for his characteristic sound rooted in jazz, he drifts between danceable disco and tropical house, including african drums and fabulous electronics from the balearic shelf.

The opening track “Just Another Love”, is immediately recognized by its eighties synthesizing technique, lofi pacey drums, driving rolling bass, in one well-accomplished composition of quintessential house.

Next, we have the remix of Hotmood, with a wonderful reinterpretation of the original, featuring dreamy deep chords and subtle percussive passages, with more disco-oriented details which are a characteristic sound of the producer.

The third track on this release is the remix of Siggatunez, known for his refined taste and remixing techniques, he delivers a fresh crafter groove, incorporating heavy-footed drums and complex sampling work, in a stunning reinterpretation while staying true to the original.

Last but not least, we have the remix of DJ Merci, in which he develops expansive drum work on the original, with an elaborated bassline and a trademark chord synthesizer, closing a distinctly yet rich package making it an absolute banger of a release.