Mawumaya MoBlack, Manoo, Stevo Atambire MoBlack Records

Whenever Stevo Atambire’s strums his Kologo and exude poetry through fervid Frafra verses, the verve of earth’s vibrations harmonizes. The neo-griot teams up with MoBlack Records’ very own eponym and French house luminary Manoo to breathe “Mawumya” to life. A kaleidoscope of robust rhythms, prolific percussion, and soulful groove, “Mawumya” is a true testament that music isn’t just sound, it’s a feeling. In this powerhouse dancefloor litany, MoBlack’s and Manoo’s dynamic synergy cast a sorcery of telluric acoustics and electronic pulses, fueling Atimbre’s chords to reverberate deep and his croon, to kindle with bloodlines of past, current, and future.

Press by Marie J Floro
Artwork by Giulia Dall’ara