Burn Me/Creme Anglaise Hysterics Hysterics Global

Arriving as a club music focused alter ego to Girl Unit, Hysterics’ first few releases in the mid 2010’s pursued piston-charged rhythms and industrial textures that were a tongue-in-cheek nod to techno.

Since 2019’s collaboration with Kristian Hamilton, Hysterics has continued producing club music with a new vigour, and a self-released EP, Burn Me/Crème Anglaise

Forthcoming on Hysterics’ own label Hysterics Global, are two hyperactive house cuts born from a need to channel a lot of unspent energy over the last year.

Burn Me is a dizzy salute to bumping club classics. Assembled from ground up breaks, diva chops, shining organ stabs and swinging drums that hit like getting rear-ended on the bumper cars. An infectious bass line that twists through deep pads and dramatic filter sweeps all give rise to the track’s feverish dance energy.

Creme Anglaise is an ice cold erotic thriller. Opening with a clip of Madonna’s ‘Erotica’, CA cruises along a groovy sub line punctuated by tough kicks, sharp percussion and a classic 2-step pluck lead. For the clubs, cars, or something to get ready to.