Finest NY House 2021 Various Artists King Street Sounds

Unreleased Manoo Dub (8:04)

Unreleased Stan Zeff Dub (6:22)

Oh My!
Unreleased Jihad Muhammad Percussion Dub (5:48)

Unreleased Alternative Mix (5:15)

FNX Omar Remix (6:41)

Original Mix (6:30)

Luyo Afro Soul Remix (7:09)

Being based in one of the defining cities for dance music in the USA for over 26 years, we here at King Street Sounds know a thing or two about house music! In celebration of an incredible past year of genre defining tracks, we’ve put together 50 of our top releases including 6 unreleased track from Manoo, Stan Zeff, Jihad Muhammad, DJ Kone & Marc Palacios feat. DOMy Gee, Paul Adam, and HP Vince along with two continuous mixes from label mainstay The Wig to help you move and groove the dance floor! Expect to hear music from the likes of Dennis Ferrer, DJ Pierre, Crazibiza, DJ Kone & Marc Palacios, Loulou Players, DJ Spen, FNX Omar, Fizzikx, Luyo, Mark Francis, Christos Fourkis, Kelvin Sylvester, Darksidevinyl, Stephanie Cooke, Blaze, Masaki Morii, The Revenge, Hotmood, Vic Yamamoto, DJ Fopp, Sebb Junior, Qubiko, Dirty Secretz, Yass, Brokenears, Andrey Exx, Alaia & Gallo and MORE!