Big Fish Remixes Leo Guardo MoBlack Records

MoBlack Records revisits Leo Guardo’s ‘Big Fish’ EP, casting an astute ensemble of remixers to capture and regenerate MBR413’s magic. Handing over the Melbourne-based DJ/Producer’s 2020 originals to seven promising and energizing talents, MBR452 yields five reinterpretations that laud their predecessors’ elegance while standing out as unique tracks on their own. Da Africa Deep spurs the five-track journey with his deep and earthy reincarnation of Leo Guardo and Adile Mbili’s ecstatic meditation to “Wenomkhubulwane.” Up next, C minor renders an ichorous remix of ‘Bayamemeza’ that propels Tabia’s poignant aria to celestial depths. Wooing Andiswa Live’s climactic lyrics, Saint Evo reimagines Sebenza’s exquisite swells with robust urgency and electronic grit. Closing out the quintet are two more renditions of ‘Bayamemeza.’ Soulholic and 7Options are back in tandem, unleashing ingenious synth elements that draw out Tabia’s emotions and illuminate its magnitude in fastidious electronic cadences. DeCave Man & TonicVolts’ synergy limns a gratifying finale through an eloquent adaptation that transpires sonic deliverance out of vulnerability. ‘Big Fish’ treaded vast tides of deep house, Afro-inspired electronic undercurrents and waves of infinite groove, and these five stunning remixes resolve to perpetuate its glorious motion.