African Train Mr Hands, Rude, Rhodalia Silvestre My Other Side of the Moon

‘African Train’ is a fascinating music trip produced by two well known DJs in Mozambique, Mr Hands & Rude, featuring the strong and passionate voice of Rhodalia Silvestre, also from Mozambique. You may want to start with the organic interpretation by Navaa, with its smooth harmonies and smart groove, which make you dream with open eyes. Then go to the original mix, for a plain afro groove and stunning afro sounds, yet with organic touches. The vocal will walk you through the history behind the song, the infamous destiny of many African mines’ workers, ‘deep down in the belly of the earth .. conscripted to come and work on contract in the gold and mineral mines of Johannesburg’. You can now go to the last version which completes this release, by Argento Dust. It gets definitely clubby with a strong synth and a dark and threatening atmosphere. Enjoy the trip!