Insomnia Darksidevinyl MoBlack Records

I’ll leave it to Vienna’s Darksidevinyl to take us deep into the night. The avid producer debuts on MoBlack with ‘Insomnia,’ adding yet another jewel to his prolific repertoire. Casted on the other side of sleep, MBR446 heaves invigorating rhythms, chimerical synths and introspective melodies. Juxtaposing fleshy percussive elements and impelling riffs on mint Afro-tech grooves, the 6:31 minute sojourn gently treads between consciousness and dream. A crowning anthem for the after-hours or any other moment surrendered to time.

Press by Marie J Floro
Mastering by Daniele Mattiuzzi – Wave Life
Artwork by Rachael D’Alessandro