The Ghost EP Harry Romero Pets Recordings

This one’s dedicated to all things that go bump in the night.

The one and only Harry Romero returns to the Catz ‘n Dogz menagerie with his first proper Pets single and its scarily good.

Big beats from the former Choo Choo HQ: ‘The Ghost’ is everything we know and love the NYC house legend for. Unrelenting widescreen dancefloor monsterism that’s timeless in its soul but futurebound in its spirit. It’s backed by an equally life-affirming juggernaut ‘I Rise’. Big steam engine drums chugging hypnotically as the elastic bassline and lead sounds live up to the title, intensifying with every step they rise.

These are exactly the tunes we need as we come out of the weird year+ we’ve all shared. We’re not just bumping in the night time, but all day long too. See you front left.