Kiko Navarro Remixes Dudu Tucci Afroterraneo Music

Afroterraneo proudly presents the third in a new series of releases, inviting a diverse group of electronic artists to remix the work of Brazilian percussionist, vocalist and composer Dudu Tucci.

Afroterraneo founder Kiko Navarro’s first choice to remix is Tucci’s 1995 track ‘Dandá’, originally issued on the ‘Native Dreamer’ album. Kiko’s touch on the song is light, simply reframing the original’s dreamy vocals, guitars and percussion with a liquid, syncopated new synth and drum groove. Featuring original spoken word incantations from Carlos Mena, Navarro’s re-imagining of 2013 Tucci track ‘Pai Benedito’ feels much more like a collaboration than a remix, with Africa, Brazil and the Balearics meeting in some fantastical Deep House cloud forest. Also taken from ’95 album ‘Native Dreamer’, Kiko’s timeless twist on ‘Canto do Espaço’ is simply dripping with Brazilian sunshine.

About Dudu Tucci:

Eduardo Tucci da Silva, aka Dudu Tucci, started playing drums as a child his hometown of São Paulo. Having joined the local symphony orchestra in 1978 and collaborated with Brazilian legend Arrigo Barnabé soon after, Tucci was invited to perform at JazzFest in Berlin, and has resided there ever since.