Intimate Confessions Kelvin Sylvester, Brutha Basil Brukel Music

013 | 2021-09-02  

Intimate Confessions

An Afro Latin Brazilian musically fused testimony about the ongoing personal musical journey of Brutha Basil.

With as always the production expertise of super producer Kelvin Sylvester. Coming on the feature album “360 Degrees Of Brutha Basil” on Brukel Music.

Produced and engineered by Kelvin Sylvester and Brutha Basil

Vocals written, performed and arranged by Brutha Basil

Keys, Upright Bass and Melodica by Yuki Kanesaka.

Trumpet solo by Steven Montecucco

Drum programming by Kelvin Sylvester

Percussions by Kelvin Sylvester

Additional Timbales and shakers by Yuki Kanesaka

Mixed and mastered by Nelly Protoolz

Executive producers Brutha Basil and Kelvin Sylvester

Artwork Concept Brutha Basil

Artwork Concept Graphics Ryan Merry

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