Matu Geuzz Deep House Belgium

Delivering unparalleled melodic house/techno delicacies from the studio, Geuzz brings to dance floors what one can only describe as a melodic, groovy, and hypnotizing sonic journey.

Continuing on an upward trend, Geuzz releases his mesmerizing melodic techno/afro house EP, “Matu.” The powerful single delivers electrifying vibes from the press of play as its groovy elements combined with the powerful bassline will guide your body with a groove.

The release evokes dynamic energy that will captivate techno/house devotees and DJs alike.
Along with the single, the EP includes two mesmerizing remixes by renowned Afro-house producers andLez and Enoo Napa.

Each remix offers a new perspective to the original, however, all have a common ground: unparalleled energy.

With a distinct sound and stylistic stance, Geuzz is set to carve his own artistic lane.

Paving his road with unique club-friendly arrangements, sneaky propelling basslines, and atmospheric drops, it’s without a doubt the future is bright on this artist’s radar.