Anh Phi reminds you to eat vegetarian on debut single ‘Ăn Chay’

Anh Phi reminds you to eat vegetarian on debut single 'Ăn Chay'

French Vietnamese producer and filmmaker Anh Phi this week released his debut single ‘Ăn Chay’.

The track is a trancey, pounding banger, moulding field recordings from Anh Phi’s surroundings in Saigon around a persistent techno beat.

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The idea behind the track was to meld natural and urban sounds: a child playing in an alleyway, bamboo being struck, Anh Phi’s neighbour’s bird in a cage. In Vietnamese, ‘Ăn Chay’ means ‘eat vegetarian’, words that Anh Phi heard from his Buddhist mother as a child, reminding him to reflect on his relationship with nature as he grew.

Anh Phi is a part of the Saigon-based music collective Gãy, meaning ‘broken’ in Vietnamese, who throw regular raves in the city, lockdown permitting.

Listen to ‘Ăn Chay’ below.

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