Only the aviation industry has been hit harder than the creative sector in Europe

Only the aviation industry has been hit harder than the creative sector in Europe

Only Europe’s aviation industry has been hit harder than the EU’s creative sector due to COVID-19.

Revenues across music, art, cinema, TV, publishing, video games and the performing and visual arts have dropped by 31.2 per cent since the coronavirus crisis began. This is marginally less than aviation, which recorded a drop of 31.4 per cent. In comparison, the revenue of tourism in the EU decreased by 27 per cent, as reported in a new study by the EU authors’ and creators’ rights organisation.

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Music revenues slipped by 76 per cent, behind the performing arts with 90 per cent. While digital music revenues increased by 8 per cent, physical sales decreased by 35 per cent.

The study, which includes the UK, is being presented to the EU commission today (January 26) by French musician and compose Jean-Michel Jarre.

Jarre said: “Culture has become a scarce resource in Europe today and we are the worse for it. We are learning the hard way the truly essential value of art in our society.”

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The study called for public funding for the cultural and creative sector “to an extent that reflects its weight and importance”. This echoes Sacha Lord, founder of The Warehouse Project and co-founder of Parklife Festival, calling for the UK government to look into the impact of COVID-19 on the UK’s nightlife industry.

Marc Lhermitte, the coordinator of the study, has put the sharp slide in revenues down the shutting of venues around Europe.

Lhermitte said: “What we have seen since then, however, are the dramatic consequences of shutting down literally thousands of venues. Culture was the first sector to suspend most of its activities, and will probably be the last to resume without restrictions.”

Good news regarding the events sector came last week when UNUM Festival, set to be held in Albania in September, revealed it would have rapid COVID-19 testing to ensure the event goes ahead.

With next to no live shows taking place, illegal raves have been happening frequently over the last year. £15,000 worth of fines were dished out at a rave in East London the weekend just gone.

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