Louisahhh gets ‘Numb, Undone’ on newest single

Louisahhh gets 'Numb, Undone' on newest single

Paris-based producer and DJ Louisahhh this week released her latest single ‘Numb, Undone’.

‘Numb, Undone’ is a battering, distorted cry of anguish into a hard techno void. Angular beats clatter around Louisahhh’s indistinguishable, guttural cries.

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She has also announced the upcoming release of her debut LP ‘The Practice of Freedom’, which will be out March 12 via HE.SHE.THEY. ‘The Practice of Freedom’ was slated to arrive last year, but the release has been delayed until March. The album explores love, loss, addiction, eroticism and empowerment through a mix of techno, electro, rock and industrial sounds.

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This will be the inaugural album release for HE.SHE.THEY. Founders Steven Braines and Sophia Kearney have said, “If there was ever an album that epitomised why we started the label, it’s surely this: a raw, intelligent, soul-bearing and genre-defying debut album that never dilutes or shies away from its vision and purpose. In other words, true artistry.”

Louisahhh has previously opened up to Mixmag about her battles with addiction. As a DJ and producer, she’s well known for her no-holds-barred techno. She runs RAAR alongside Maëlstrom, and outside of music, she also hosts the podcast ‘Sober Sex’.

Listen to ‘Numb, Undone’ below, and preorder ‘The Practice of Freedom’ here.


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