Mbodiene Everything Counts MoBlack Records

Everything Counts takes us on a deep-seated journey to the western coast of Africa. The coastal village of Mbodiene is at the core and fora of this picturesque three-part series, started off by the Swiss duo’s original mix. Half Toshka, half Chris Leon, Everything Counts render quixotic soundscapes, combining Afro-infused rhythms, earthy percussion and tribal soul into electronic ambience, by grace of melody. Calabria’s Matt Sawyers joins us and his longtime friends with a reinterpretation of Mbodiene. Teeming with ethnic dreaminess and soothing progressions, Matteo Cacciola’s mix is a halcyon escape to indulge our sonic reveries. Yielding a brusque, fiery take on the original, Mozambique’s Double Drop wraps up MBR418 with a rawer Mbodiene – warm, impassioned and rooted in the rich, resonant grounding of our mother continent. In this 20:54 minute flight, we dance our way to the destination, and alas, we can just keep going there.

Words by Marie J Floro
Artwork by Erikan Ekefrey
Mastering by Wave Life

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